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Fur Storage and Cleaning in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio | Vollbracht Furs

Fur storage, cleaning, and conditioning. Fur repairs, remodels, alterations, and custom fur coats.

Fur storage and cleaning service in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. All fur services at Vollbracht are done in-house. We store all furs in our high-tech temperature and humidity controlled cold storage fur vault with state-of-the-art security.

All furs are handled by expertly trained and experienced fur quality specialists who take only the best care of your favorite garments. We service all furs with the latest techniques in fur cleaning and conditioning with all environmentally friendly products and methods.

We also provide full-service in-house custom fur work done by our furriers and seamstresses. Fur service includes custom fur coats, fur coat repair, fur coat alterations, and fur remodeling.

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Vollbracht Furs | Fur Shop in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

Fur Coats, Mink Coats, Lamb Fur Coat, Red Fox Fur Coat and More 


Vollbracht Furs is a fur shop located in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Vollbracht Furs is not only a fur store but also a full-service fur shop  – alongside the retail fur store, we offer fur storage, fur cleaning and conditioning, fur alterations, and even custom fur coat services. Our master furrier Mark Ayzman is a sixth-generation furrier who learned the trade from his father and grandfather. Our furriers and seamstresses are meticulous with their work paying attention to every small detail of your garment, any piece that may be altered or custom made is always crafted to be an absolute masterpiece.

Every year we restock our fur, leather, and precious cloth inventory with the latest fashions and styles from all the major European fashion shows. We carry a very large variety of fur coats, different types of furs, leathers, and precious cloth such as wool and cashmere. Our fur variety includes mink, fox, rabbit, sable, chinchilla, rex, shearling, sheared mink, and many more. Every year fashions change but we always carry many styles including fur coats, fur jackets, fur capes, fur vests, fur overcoats, and much more.

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