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Mink Coats in Cleveland & Akron, Ohio

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Why Mink?

Mink is the most famous and popular fur in the world, but why? Mink is super versatile, it is soft yet durable, and fashionable but also very warm. Everything you expect when you hear the word “Fur” you can expect from a mink coat.

Cleveland & Akron's Premier Sale Destination for Mink Coats

Vollbracht Furs is the leading fur shop in Northeast Ohio. At Vollbracht you can expect an upscale shopping experience which you would expect at a fur store, without the crazy mark-ups, always fair and affordable prices on amazing quality garments. Every year the team at Vollbracht Furs travels to Europe to find the latest trends and restock on the best quality furs, minks, and more. Our massive selection of Mink Coats in unmatchable for an in-store shopping experience. Visit our store today.

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