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Fur Storage & Cleaning

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Fur Storage and Cleaning in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

Vollbracht Furs provides top quality fur coat storage and fur cleaning services in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio.

At Vollbracht we have a start of the art high-security cold storage fur vault where your furs will be protected through the warmer months. Our vault provides humidity and temperature control, along with protection from moths. Also, our fur storage vault is locked and highly secure to keep your furs safe from theft.

We provided the latest techniques in fur cleaning with the newest and safest machines and cleaners in the market. All furs are handled by a trained and experienced fur quality specialist who takes great care when dealing with your precious garment.

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cold vault fur storage in cleveland ohio

Fur Coat Storage and Cleaning

Fur storage and fur cleaning services in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

Fur Coat Storage and Cleaning Facilities at Vollbracht Furs

Fur storage and conditioning is an annual service which should be kept up every year to maintain the health and quality of your fur to allow it to last for many years to come. When bringing your furs in for year condition we examine your garment for tears, dryness, and moth damage. Along with this, the edges are check for wear and tear and hooks and rings are examined – they may be broken or missing – our duty is to make sure your garments are in perfect condition are all times. This proactive maintenance and yearly service of your furs will allow your furs to last for many years.

Our cold storage fur vault is state of the art, highly secure, and the best place to keep your furs in the summer. The storage vault is humidity and temperature controlled and monitored with a high-tech security system to protect your furs from theft.

Our cleaning facilities use modern and sophisticated methods to condition your furs. We use an environmentally safe compound which removes dust and dirt from the hairs in the fur but leaves the much needed oils and emollients. After cleaning, furs are conditioned with glazing service which gives a desired sheen and softness. After the cleaning process furs are brushed and combed to obtain a brand-new look. Linings are cleaned by hand using special lining cleaners.

Custom Furs at Vollbracht Furs in Cleveland

Custom fur coats, fur repair, fur coat remodeling, and fur alterations 

Vollbracht Furs was founded in 1912, in 1985 Mark Ayzman purchased the business after emigrating from Russia to the United States. Mark is a 6th generation furrier who learned the trade from his father and grandfather. Now with nearly 50 years of experience Mark is a master furrier who creates beautiful masterpieces for each and every client.

At Vollbracht all custom fur work is done in-house by furriers and seamstresses. We provide all services for custom fur work, fully made custom fur coats, fur coat repair, fur coat alteration, and fur remodeling.

Custom fur coats will be made to the specifications of the client, type of fur, color, etc. Also, the client will be sized beforehand and the piece will be made to the exact specifications. Fur repairs and alterations are done when a garment is damaged or needs to be changed slightly such as changing the sleeve length, coat length, collar size, etc.

Fur remodeling has become very popular, many fashions have gone out of fashion and people are left with expensive amounts of fur but no way to wear it. A fur remodeling will allow you to take your old fur pieces and turn it into something new, modern, and custom which you can love again like you did when you first purchased it.

Behind The Scenes Look – Custom Fur Coat by Mark at Vollbracht Furs | Russian Sable Fur and Italian Fabric



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