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  • Vollbracht Furs in ETON Chagrin Blvd

    Fur Sale in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio | Fur Coats, Mink Coats & More

      Weekend Flash Fur Sale in Cleveland & Akron, Ohio. 35-65% OFF everything in the store including fur coats, mink coats, fur jackets, leather jackets, luxury wool & cashmere outerwear & more. Sale ends this Sunday 12/15/19! SHOP NOW With a huge variety of styles and fashions, shop for the perfect piece for you. With …

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  • Cleveland Fur Coats, fur shop in cleveland

    Mink Fur Coats

    Mink… American mink fur is the world’s most famous and popular fur. Why? Mink is stylish, durable, soft, fashionable, warm and accessible. Everything that you’d want and expect out of a fur, mink can provide. In today’s post, we’ll be going over why mink is one of the best furs for fashion, and why it …

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  • Faux Fur is More Damaging to the Environment Than Real Fur

    Faux fur might seem more ethical than real fur, but is it? Animals aren’t harmed in the making of faux fur, but to create the materials needed for faux fur it requires a process that is may hurt animals and is highly damaging to the environment, causing pollution and lowering the quality of life, for …

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  • Vollbracht Furs in ETON Chagrin Blvd

    Vollbracht Furs | Fur Shop in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

    About Vollbracht Furs Vollbracht Furs is a Fur Store in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. The fur shop was founded in downtown Akron in 1912 but moved to Summit Mall in Fairlawn just outside of Akron in 1965. In 1982, Mark Ayzman purchased Vollbracht Furs and grew it to the business and brand that it is …

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